Mark Spevick visits iMasterArt in Turin for Houdini Showcase!

Mark Spevick visits iMasterArt in Turin for Houdini Showcase!

Escape’s Head of 3D Mark Spevick harbours a special passion for all things Houdini, and last week his skills were called for on the continent, and he ventured to iMasterArt in Turin taly to host a master class with a handful of other pros with experience in all areas of VFX, here are his notes from the trip!

“When I arrived I was greeted in true Italian style by Georgio and Eva with amazing smiles and hospitality, before I knew it we were in the classroom, introducing the class to the pleasures of working with Houdini.

Although on this occasion we were tackling Houdini, iMasterArt actually teach mostly within the realms of2D, and this foray into 3D is a new venture for them, allbeit one that they took to like a duck to water; not surprising as they have some very talented tutors who’ve made some serious waves in the world of graphic novels and 2D Art.

During the 2 day workshop I took students through the basics of using Houdini and procedural workflows, followed by an introduction to making digital assets. Digital assets are an amazing workflow in Houdini where you (in a matter of words) can make reusable plugins.

We developed an asset to make metal type panels from simple geometry, with various controls over panel size and bolts around the edges of the panels, it was very tough going as we looked into some fairly high level theories but it seemed like everyone had a lot of fun with the project and I hope that I have inspired the students to carry on investigating the powers of Houdini!

I look forward to Escape Studios and iMasterArt collaborating again in the future! In the meantime folks, get Houdini-ing!”

If you’d like to take a look at some of the work the Tutors at iMasterArt create check out the sites of Marco Natale, Joseph Viglioglia, Maurizio Manzieri - and if you’re interested in developing those Houdini skills, take a look at the Escape Studios short course, it could be for you!

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