• Mark Pascoe

Mark Pascoe

CGI Artist - Rushes

Escapee Mark Pascoe is no stranger to practical thinking. When asked what film he’d take with him if stranded on a desert Island he replied “Robinson Crusoe, to get some pointers!” The nature of such an answer is uncannily reflected in his career path.

It wasn’t until i was at university doing an unrelated degree that I saw a friend using Maya for part of a module on a computing course, and that’s when I knew it was what I wanted to do”

A swift change of direction found Mark at Escape studios, pursuing his dream of a career in VFX, and throwing himself into one of our 12 week production courses.

“The intensive courses rather than over several years suited me down to the ground. Also the industry links and knowledge which Escape has are invaluable… the content of the course was current and very much geared towards being able to help you get a job afterwards. The tutors knew their stuff having been in the industry, and being surrounded by other likeminded students was a huge plus.”

During our most recent catch up we discovered that Mark, (now a CGI Artist for ‘Rushes’ in Soho) has applied his skills to a number of different projects, including the UEFA Champions League title sequence, the BBC’s ‘Inside the Human Body’ and 13 episodes of ABC’s ‘Combat Hospital’. His pick of the bunch though has been his work on Emmy nominated, (yes that’s Emmy nominated)Human Body: Pushing the Limits’.

“Not only was it a fun project to work on, with good clients… but being able to go to the awards in LA and walk down the red carpet with the team is going to be an experience that’s hard to beat”

Not bad eh? It’s fair to say Mark’s decision to study with Escape has played a vital role in directing him to success, as it is an experience he speaks very highly of. We asked him about his reflections on the time he spent with us, and his thoughts on an industry he is now well and truly a part of…

“It can be a competitive industry, but I have no regrets about my decision to train at Escape. If you are prepared to put in the work and willing to show your worth then you will give yourself more than a fair shot at success.”

As with most of our escapees, the proof is very much in the proverbial pudding and we wish Mark plenty of continuing success in the future! An excerpt from his last interview serves as an excellent closing note any prospective escapees of the future…

“If you're reading this, you must be considering doing a course at Escape… the best advice I can give you is book an appointment to go and see the place first hand!”