MARI, what's it all about?

MARI, what's it all about?

We asked MARI expert and soon to be Escape Tutor Antoni Kujawa about MARI and it's role as one of the most important pieces of software in VFX today...

Why is MARI becoming industry standard software?

"Mari's true power lies in its ability to manage incredibly heavy and complicated assets without the user having to get involved. Due to the unique way that it handles very high resolution painting and sheer volume of textures means that you can achieve extraordinary feats (being able to project 16k textures for example). This combined with its scalability for projects (including a python API and shader API) means all users (from big facilities creating custom tools to individual users contributing scripts they have made) can benefit. Don't get me wrong, these are all fantastic technical feats, but what really lies at the core of Mari is an artist’s tool. There are so many features (especially with the advent of 2.0) that make painting easier and faster than ever, while simultaneously giving the artist the flexibility to change anything at the click of a button."

What benefits are there to learning MARI with regards creativity and workflow?

"Mari is THE texturing program of the future. Whether its VFX or games (especially with the new generation of consoles demanding bigger and better textures to harness spectacular visual experiences) it’s all thanks to the creativity afforded to those who use Mari, that you can work faster and adapt your workflow to whatever challenge appears. I had the pleasure of working on the Mari team in the creation of 2.0 and even then we were already working on new features to keep up with the changing pace of technology. With a seamless integration of painting tools most common with programs like Photoshop (Mari's layers, masking and adjustments) you can do pretty much everything you would traditionally achieve texturing in Photoshop, but when using Mari, have the luxury of being able to see everything in a 3D space. Giving you more time to get creative with the painting that you do."

If you want to get acquainted with this software, then check out the MARI Fundamentals evening course at Escape Studios, it's perfect for those who want to refresh their skillset to match the ever evolving demands of the VFX industry.

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