MARI vs. Photoshop Webinar Now Available to Watch Online

MARI vs. Photoshop Webinar Now Available to Watch Online

The MARI vs. Photoshop webinar held on November 2nd 2011 was hugely successful. Registrations were record breaking and there was an encouraging attendance on the day. For what is becoming a popular topic at the moment, The Foundry are certainly paving the way for the future of compositing pipelines with products like NUKE and MARI.

As professional artists make the transition to more time saving solutions, we find a growing demand for demonstrations to show what these tools can do. This webinar hosted by Lee Danskin, was to introduce MARI to those still very dependant on Photoshop in their workflow. Both applications very much have their own advantages, so this is where Lee demonstrated some key areas where MARI may perform some tasks quicker for equally seamless results.

There was a number of you who couldn’t tune in on the day, so as promised, we have recorded the webinar that is now available from our online learning platform for all to download. We hope you find this a useful resource towards your education in compositing tools such as MARI and Photoshop. Enjoy!

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