MARI vs Photoshop Webinar… Coming soon!

MARI vs Photoshop Webinar… Coming soon!

There’s a new tool on the market that is taking the industry by storm. MARI is the magnificently user friendly 3D paint package that lets an artist spend more time painting and less time battling tech issues. It offers a great many solutions that until now have been missing from comparable applications. Photoshop continues to be an invaluable tool to compositors and motion graphic artists, but MARI has the time saving functionality currently missing.

The increasing popularity to integrate MARI into post-production pipelines makes this a hugely topical discussion right now. Efficiency, flexibility, price while maintaining quality are generally the factors we consider when deciding what tools to work with, and MARI ticks all the boxes. It was designed by texture artists to take the hassle out of complicated shader configurations. MARI eliminates the need to switch between third party software packages, allowing you to work in 3D with multiple meshes at once. In addition to this it was developed specifically to join forces with NUKE for batch processing.

On Wednesday 2nd November join us for the MARI Vs. Photoshop webinar, led by Lee Danskin. This is an exclusive worldwide webinar that will present you with the range of options now available in MARI, as an alternative to Photoshop. As MARI continues to grow in popularity amongst professionals in the industry, the need to adapt is now more essential than ever. This is a webinar not to be missed. Register here!

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