MARI Tuition: A Very Popular Subject

MARI Tuition: A Very Popular Subject

Back in September, Escape Studios and The Foundry joined forces to run a series of free MARI tutorials. To start with, there were two training programmes on offer, but due to an overwhelming demand we scheduled in a third. The aim for the tuition was to introduce professional artists working in the industry to some key features available in MARI, that are fast becoming an integral part of the modern pipeline.

The response for these tutorials was phenomenal. It was amazing to see such a large number of people from around the world eager to take part in this programme, though unfortunately this was a UK based event. It simply proves how necessary it is to run courses like these, helping artists stay up to date with the latest game changing tools.

Each training programme ran over two nights. The first tutorial was an introduction to MARI in terms of its toolset, tips and tricks and the concept behind projection paint systems. With a good foundation to build from, the second tutorial showed how MARI is used in conjunction with other applications like in the NUKE <> MARI bridge, where students were shown how to produce clean plates and how to fix projection problems.

Escape Studios have introduced MARI into their six week Compositing Professional Course. This course is designed for artists who want to be more on top of the work that is expected of them, and this course prepares them by introducing a broader range of tools used in the industry today. If you missed our two day training programme, and are keen to gain more in depth knowledge of MARI and other compositing tools, then this six week course may be for you. Get in touch with the training team for more details. The training for MARI in this course is over a full week.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Foundry for offering their valuable time on these programmes. In particular we would like to thank Matt Brealey and Courtney Pryce for taking on the roles of tutor for the three training programmes. Their enthusiasm for MARI really came across in the tutorials, making it a very enjoyable learning experience.

Escape continues to work closely with The Foundry to help make their products more accessible to artists world wide. No doubt there will be many more collaborations like this one coming up. So you don’t miss out, make sure you keep an eye on our events page.

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