March Free Tutorial: Speed Up Your Workflow in Maya

March Free Tutorial: Speed Up Your Workflow in Maya

If you want to be taken seriously as a 3D artist you’ll need to approach your workflow professionally. This means being super organised when managing your assets and in this month’s free tutorial we are going to show you how this is done.

For lots of people, the importance of knowing how to use Maya Projects is low on the agenda and because of this, even seasoned 3d artists face issues that could have been avoided. I've created this free tutorial to give you the bottom line on projects – so that you can speed up your workflow and remain calm when managing several projects at once. From beginner to experienced user, spending 13 minutes watching this video could save hours of time in the future.

How to Access the Tutorial
Have you registered for our free tutorials before? If so, you go straight in, and access the tutorial here - the system will ask you to sign in though. If not, just register on our site and then access the tutorial here.

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