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Marc Austin

Taylor James

What made you decide to do the course at Escape Studios?

I developed a love for all things CG whilst working as a product designer but I wanted to step up my game. I set my sights at working on the top end VFX work we all see on the TV and big screen. I knew I needed to learn quickly the skills potential employers were looking for. After some serious searching Escape looked the most promising and professional way to fast forward my career.

What was the best thing about your course?

The tutors. Without doubt. Knowing they've been working in the business and being able to pick their brains about what it would be like working for a VFX company was priceless. They confirmed my suspicions, swept away preconceptions and really built my conviction that VFX is the career I want to be involved in.

What was the learning environment like?

I was looking to learn somewhere which felt professional and Escape fits that perfectly. Clean, modern surroundings and dedicated new equipment made me feel I had nothing to hold me back from getting the most out of the course. Plus, the cartoons playing during breaks were cool.

What was your tutor like?

We had a varied group of tutors, Dan and James for VFX, and then Simon, Jeff, and Nick for Maya Core. Having experts in many different fields gave me the opportunity to find out what the VFX world was like from multiple angles. They were all really friendly too, always on call to answer any questions I had, no matter how simple or complex.

How much help was there during and after the course?

The tutors were always ready to help out with everyone in the room even when I stayed late. I even got help after I had completed the course and was working more on personal projects. Also the recruitment side of escape was very helpful - I got valuable advice and direction at all times.

What are you up to now?

I have recently started work in the CG department of Taylor James. It's a rapidly growing company with tons of immediate high profile projects to get my teeth into. A perfect first job in the VFX industry as I get to work on the whole pipeline for concept to production and even editing.

What advice would you give to any prospective students?

Start learning now! Get a learning edition of your software, find any tutorial you can and start practising...