Managing Storage in Virtual Environments

Managing Storage in Virtual Environments

Isilon have released a new "Storage in Virtual Environments" White Paper, which looks at the challenges studios face when adopting virtualisation. It shows how you can tackle the issue of managing huge amounts of data, giving you an useful insight into scale-out storage and why it’s better suited to managing next-gen storage requirements.

Another paper worth checking out is the new “Isilon Scale-out Storage Solutions for Media & Entertainment” that shows what what a difference an optimised data flow can make in a post-production pipeline.  It looks at how the move from SD to HD has resulted in a 10-fold increase on storage, putting extra strain on today’s IT infrastructure and causing unwanted bottlenecks in storage - something most studios may face at one time or another. 
Both of these papers can be accessed via our Free Stuff page, where you can find loads more whitepapers and technical info.


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Fri 11 Feb 2011: 4:21pm



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