Man Of Steel

Man Of Steel

Another week, another Superhero movie release. Not completely surprising considering our earlier blog, which spread the word that Marvel will be releasing four superhero films a year, which could be potentially epic!

The newest release is the reboot of the Superman films, Man of Steel. Going back to the beginning, the storyline will follow Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) as a child, exiled from Krypton and sent to Kansas to be adopted. He grows up following the morals and attitudes of his adoptive parents but always feeling like an outsider due to his powers and strength. Don’t feel too sad though, as eventually a dangerous power attacks Earth and he steps up to become the one and only Superman...Yay!

Due for release in 2013, we’ve got a while to wait to see the outcome but with production houses The Moving Picture Company and Double Negative on the job, we can be assured that the visual effects will not disappoint. We reckon we’re going to see some big buildings falling, probably in a fairly dramatic way, some 'stereotypical' bad guys and no doubt a damsel in distress thrown in for good measure. You can see the trailer, with voice-over from either Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent) or Russell Crowe (Jor-El), take your pick!

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