Making VFX magic in a matter of weeks!

Making VFX magic in a matter of weeks!

Want to know what can be achieved in just 12 weeks of a VFX for Production course? Take a look at some of the work by the students who graduated last month.

Last week I wrote about the Maya Core class who have begun the second leg of their 12-week VFX for Production course. Over the next six weeks they will be taking everything they’ve learnt about Maya so far and applying it to a moving image, learning the importance of camera tracking, lighting, texturing, compositing and rendering along the way. This might seem like an impossible feat in just a mere six weeks, but we beg to differ. And to support this, we’d like to show you some of the incredible work produced by the class that graduated on August 17th, 2012.

Take a look at the work produced by Gauthier Troalen and Marta Carbonell to get an idea of what can be achieved in a very short time. But for all of these students, this is just the beginning. A career in VFX means you never stop learning, as teams work together to push the boundaries of technology and develop new ideas for a more efficient workflow.

To get a better insight into what it is to study with us, you can book onto a one day VFX taster class. But hurry, there’s only a few places left.

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