Make it Polycount

Make it Polycount

As a 3D lover I am also a regular frequenter of Polycount. Some of you out there will no doubt already be familiar with this site, but for those that aren’t – it’s a community of pros and hobbyists that specialise in creating 3D for videogames, and it is always brimming with infatuating content.

2 links on the site have caught my eye of late; the first is this collaboration with ‘Sketchfab’. Sketchfab is a fantastic way to show off your 3d models; and when you post something on polycount you’ll now be able to embed Sketchfab’s viewer and display your work in full 3D – welcome to the future!

The second is Judd Simantov going over some of the rigs for “The Last of Us”, a project that is sure to break a few 3D boundaries in the gaming world upon its release on June 14th; if you’re even the slightest bit interested in 3D characters then this video is well worth checking out.

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Simon Fenton
Wed 22 May 2013: 12:19pm

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