"Machete don't tweet"

I loved the first Machete film, and when at the end of the film, the narrator announced “Machete will return in, ‘Machete Kills’ and ‘Machete Kills Again’”, my excitement was uncontainable. So naturally, I ran to the cinema to see ‘Machete Kills’ at the weekend, and I can say conclusively that I’ve never left a cinema with such an overwhelming feeling of confusion.

I mean, I think  I was entertained. There was Mel Gibson playing a power hungry, Star Wars enthusiastic scientist, Lady Gaga occasionally talking in a man’s voice, and Charlie Sheen in the role of a cursing, smoking and rifle wielding President of the USA.

The VFX weren’t much to shout about, and neither was the acting, come to think of it – I don’t even think the plot was very well glued together, but that’s the whole point. You can go and see a run of the mill crime thriller, or rom com any day of the week, but a film as weird and wonderful as this comes along once in a blue moon.  With hindsight, the confusion I experienced was a good thing.

If I haven’t yet sold it to you, this cinematic oddity is to be succeeded by the third and final number in the trilogy – ‘Machete Kills Again… In Space’. 

You heard. 

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Robert Broadbent
Mon 14 Oct 2013: 9:33am

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  • Miriam Payne:

    Love your work Rob! I have to say, this adrenaline rush of a film had me laughing my socks off, I definitely think it's worth a watch for the giggles! Hoping Leonardo Di Caprio does make an appearance in Machete Kills Again...in Space :)

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