Love is Making its Way Back Home

Love is Making its Way Back Home

I've seen a lot of stop motion animation videos lately made with Post-it notes, and all sorts of other media. Some have made me chuckle, and some have made me laugh, but when I stumbled across this sweet video for 'Love is making its way back home' I was absolutely gobsmacked.

Directed by Erez Horovitz, this video was created with over 12,000 pieces of construction paper, and amazingly it was shot and completed with no effects added in post production.

For more about this talented director, his website contains loads of other good stuff and is definitely worth a look. Also note, that you'll need to put your headphones on or turn the speakers up, as the song by Josh Ritter is just as mesmerizing.

This visual and aural bliss is just what I need after a busy Wednesday afternoon, but now it's my home time, and this 'love' is making its way back home...


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Flora Ho
Wed 7 Mar 2012: 4:06pm



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