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Most people know that Escape Studios is a world class CG Academy as well as a leading supplier of the latest technology and software to the industry. A lesser known fact is that Escape is also a leading Post Production freelancer agency who work with some of the top studios in the world, we understand better than anyone the challenges of resourcing a project. 

Experienced freelancers

A common misconception is that we only supply Junior Artists but this is not the case! Over 80% of the freelancers on our books are established professionals with years of industry experience under their belts. We represent exceptional talent across the whole CG spectrum and we have the freelancers to suit any of your post production needs: 3D Generalists, Compositors, Animators, Roto Artists, Motion Graphics and many more. People with the experience, ideas and vision to have an instant impact on your business.

With over 2,000 established artists on our books we are confident that we can find the right person for your project. In fact we are that confident that we can deliver to your business that we are inviting you to try us for free!

From October 10th to November the 9th you will be able to trial our service by hiring a freelancer for up to a week with no booking fee. So if you are looking for some great VFX talent why not give our recruitment team a call - 0207 348 1920, also be sure to have a look at our client list here   

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