Looking for new Worlds using the "Minority Report" Interface

Looking for new Worlds using the "Minority Report" Interface

NASA's Kepler Mission has been running since 2009 and is currently searching our region of the Milky Way for habitable planets. So far, it has spotted about 2,300 and confirmed 61 planets. Data artist Jer Thorp and John Underkoffler, the designer who created the interfaces in Minority Report, have produced a user interface that lets us find out how these new planets look.

The demo of the UI, which only becomes more impressive the longer you watch it, not only lets you use gestures to highlight individual planets and rotate your view of this solar system, but you can also seamlessly transition from 3D view to chart views, toggling between planets in 3D and graphs sorting them by their size or heat. 

More information on the Kepler Mission's discoveries can be found here.

Check out the video and let us know if, like me, you are really jealous. I'm going to talk to the boss and see if I can get one of those!

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  • Chris W:

    My jaw just dropped & fell off!

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