Looking for a Summer Internship?

Looking for a Summer Internship?

Are you looking for something to do this summer? Ever heard of StudioAKA? They are a London based multi-BAFTA winning animation production company, known world-wide for their amazing innovative work. And they may want you for the Summer!

They are looking for a bright spark to work in the field of DB & pipeline development (within June to August).

Candidate role
R&D on a roadmap to define further work on asset management tools.
(Dev tools, scripting language, studio specific needs & workflows, proof of concept etc...)

Skills ideally required are around knowledge of SQL, JScript, Python, R on Rails, C++
Some Animation / VFX knowledge a bonus!

If you are interested, get in touch with our marketing team who will put you in touch with StudioAKA’s Senior Technical Director, Fabrice Altman.

Good luck!

summer internship in the field
of DB & pipe dev  ?
Skills required ideally are around SQL, JScript, Python, R on Rails, C++ ...
Some Anim / VFX knowledge a +.
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Mark Cass
Fri 6 May 2011: 11:47am

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  • steve:

    wish i had seen this. have been on holiday since june in the uk and staying till august :P

  • Iain:

    This looks pretty interesting , been searching online for a good internship. Any information you can provide would be very helpful , im aware i probably missed the curtain call but regardless wouldnt mind making a contact or just to chat to. you guys seem pretty cool at escape studios feel free to send me an email

  • diana:

    are the interneships paied?

  • Mark Cass:

    Hi Sunil, this placement is for the UK only.

    Best regards

  • sunil limbu:

    is this internship in UK only or do you have branches in US?

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