LookFX creates stunning visual effects for Black Swan

LookFX creates stunning visual effects for Black Swan

Black Swan has received raving reviews for its VFX work, and even impressed the critics with nominations for both BAFTA and VES awards. It’s a big credit to LookFX, who had to overcome some pretty tough tracking challenges to make it all happen.

One of their toughest tasks was having to track a complex shot with a fast camera motion that was hard to predict and almost impossible to track. Normally they would use a standard 2D tracking tool, but when that didn’t work they had to come up with something new, and decided to use mocha Pro.

The bonus of using mocha Pro is that its planar tracking technology doesn’t rely on traditional point trackers, but can track an object’s translation, rotation and scaling data – this makes it perfect for fast moving shots and what LookFX was trying to do.

The team went on to use mocha Pro on more of its work, and the results speak for themselves. They’re pretty impressive. We were equally amazed and have added mocha Pro to our Techstore, you can check it out here.

You can find out more about the VFX used on Black Swan here.

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