London's VFX Artists become Superheroes!

London's VFX Artists become Superheroes!

VFX fans and readers of WIRED magazine will have noticed a special feature in this month’s edition, as Soho’s VFX teams are made into super heroes by, well, themselves.

This unique project meant that the brains within some of the most prolific post houses on the planet, could jump into the spotlight, and of course promote the global importance of London’s VFX community. 

Friends of Escape, Framestore, Double negative, Baseblack, The Mill, Cinesite, and MPC (the Moving Picture Company) are all featured, and naturally, so is a lengthy list of projects they have worked on over the last few years,  Christopher Nolan's Batman films, the Harry Potter series, the last three Bond films, Inception, Total Recall, Dredd 3D, Paul,  Doctor Who, Gladiator, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Golden Compass, World War Z. Prometheus. And this year’s cinematic VFX triumph, Life of Pi, all reaffirming the statement that London is one of the world’s leading producers of VFX. 

This article is a must read for anyone with an interest in the VFX industry, and is a fantastic representation of the live and kicking creative hub situated in London’s west end. 

“There’s always been an incredible culture within London for creativity" This, for me is the summarising statement from this article, and long may it live on! Be sure to take a look at the visuals each post house created for this feature, they're excellent!

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