London Film & Comic Con - what's it all about?

London Film & Comic Con - what's it all about?

We got to Earls Court at around 9am on Saturday morning and paid £12 for entry (this was strictly an admission fee, no photo or autograph opportunities/food or drinks included!) and by 11am the queue was truly immense, given that it was blisteringly hot outside, the early birds definitely got the worm!

As we entered, the hall was split into 2 sides – one side was adorned with film stalls; selling figures, toys, clothes, props, costumes, and the other was for the comic fans; with artists sketching throughout the day - some pretty big names were putting their skills on show, including Neal Adams who was sketching on demand (for a fee) and as well as this, other lesser-known artists were using the opportunity to exhibit their skills, and taking orders for free sketches.

Film and TV buffs would have had a ball too, as cast members from Game of Thrones, Star Trek, The Walking Dead and quite randomly David Hasselhoff, all featured but were hidden away from general view unless you had paid for the privilege to meet and photograph them. There was an exposed panel of B and C listers including Danny Glover and The Ferengi guy from Star Trek who I managed to get a few sneaky shots of. Some awesome props were dotted around the hall for public viewing, including the actual car from Ghostbusters and some of The Terminators' outfits!

The best bit of the day though was simply wandering around and seeing the effort some of the uber-keen guests had put into their epic costumes, I met a Cyborg, The Predator (cool picture eh?) and a couple of Klingons! The buzz was great and people were really excited and happy to be there, which made for a great experience. I've never been to one of these exhibitions before but I'd go to another one in a heartbeat, especially if there was a celeb photo on the cards!

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