Live Q&A: Breaking into the visual effects industry

Live Q&A: Breaking into the visual effects industry

Garreth Gaydon, Lee Danskin and escapee Ben Cantor are going to be joining a live Q&A session on 'How to Break into the Visual Effects Industry' hosted by the Guardian online.

This Q&A will kick-off at 1pm GMT today. 

Here is a quick overview of the panel for this Q&A: 

  • Lee Danskin is a tutor and training development director at Escape Studios. Lee joined Escape in 2006 and developed the academy's VFX courses. Lee has worked on high-profile projects for some of the UK's biggest visual effects studios.
  • Garreth Gaydon heads up the recruitment team at Escape Studios. He has more than six years experience in recruiting CG artists.
  • Sofronis Efstathiou is joint associate dean & postgraduate framework leader for the Computer Animation Academic Group at Bournemouth University. Sofronis previously worked in the film and games industry on projects such as Happy Feet and 300.
  • Ben Cantor is a junior 3D Artist at the Moving Picture Company (MPC).
  • Kyle Mcculloch is a digital compositor at Framestore, a visual effects and computer animation studio.
  • Alan Lewis is head of visual effects & animation at the Met Film School. Alan is a 3D artist and compositor with more than 15 years experience in the CG industry.
  • Philip Dobree is an award winning VFX supervisor, creative director and co-founder of Jellyfish Pictures, working in all genres of VFX and CGI including games, film, commercials and broadcast TV.
  • Ged Wright is a VFX supervisor for Double Negative Visual Effects.

To join the session and ask questions for the experts on the panel to answer, just click here.

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