Like A Kid In A Candy Store

Like A Kid In A Candy Store

Last week I accompanied the current Compositing class on a trip to the MPC studio in London. It's all part of the industry mentoring scheme we're encouraging at Escape, as we work to prepare our students for the working world. With aspirations for one day working in the industry, we feel it's really important for all our students to get a taste for what is expected from them as early as possible in their training. Irene Bonilla was one student who joined us that day, and here's what she had to say about it...

"...One of the certainly cool and refreshing feelings attached to adult learning experiences, such as a Compositing for Production course at Escape Studios, is that no matter how old you are, there will be certain days when you feel just like a child. Not necessarily because of your lack of knowledge (ok, maybe sometimes) but because of the renewed awe and dreamy eyed admiration for the people who create the breath-taking work that you one day hope to do and to that level."

"Such Disneyland-ish emotions were easily perceived on our faces while entering the offices of MPC in Soho last Wednesday. And their office space is certainly a movie-freak-paradise, I must say".

Nevertheless, the compositing class had already been warned by their tutor, Ryan Mullany that this visit wouldn´t be a mere touristic merry-go-round. No, they were going to receive professional, industry-sharp feedback (a.k.a. harsh criticism) for the rotoscoping work they´d done in class over the last few weeks. And, they certainly got constructive feedback, whilst still managing to complete a (quick) visit, and above all, to quote Irene, it "renewed our illusion and excitement to, one day, be the guys being gazed at by the Escape "kids” of the future when it's time for their visit."

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