Lexhag visit Escape Studios

Lexhag visit Escape Studios

A short time ago, our current students were treated to a presentation from some chaps from Lexhag Visual Effects. Lexhag are a small post production house with in house grading capabilities and benefit from years of on-set experience to create stunning effects for mid-level tv shows, such as Whitechapel and The Fades. We were visted by Effects Supervisor Alexis Haggar, founder of Lexhag and fellow escapee (from way back when), and Senior Producer Dan Marbrook. They took the time to come exhibit some shows they'd worked on, so the Escape Students could see the quality of work a small studio can produce.

What was refreshing about Dan's presentation technique was his request for feedback throughout; he wanted students to voice opinions and ask questions, immediately bringing presenter and presentees closer together. This was achieved by showing them work that Lexhag had comepleted and daring them to guess what was CG, and what wasn't. Very early on they began to give the students advise on how to be VFX artists and tips on how to break into the industry.

It was clear that the guys from Lexhag care a lot about their work. They explained how on a perticular matte painting shot of 'old London' for Bert and Dickie, Dan had gone to the shooting location to research exactly what buildings would have been there in the time frame, allowing him to recreate a historically accurate shot. This theme of leaving the office was echoed in several stories; it seems Lexhag spend as much time behind the camera as they do behind computers, helping their clients create the most cost effective yet high quality shots possible.

Lexhag's visit showed the students that they don't have to only aim for the most famous post houses in Soho, and that they can do incredible work with a smaller studio; because Lexhag, although small, do some incredible work.

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