Let’s hear it for the girls!

So many of our escapees succeed in getting jobs once they've finished a course with us, and it’s so good to hear that lots of them are very talented young women. As a result, we thought some congratulations were in order, starting with Evgenia Golubeva who accepted the role of Director at Animated Storyboards, a fantastic position and one which we want to wish her every success in!

Giorgia Pulvirenti studied our Compositing Evening Course and has recently started a job with Method Studios until March 2012 as a Junior Compositor.

Stephanie Supan studied VFX with us and once she finished the course, she started working at Absolute Post doing tracking, texturing and taking care of some basic modelling and animation. Finally, our congratulations go to Catarina Ferreira who studied our Compositing Professional Course and has now accepted a job at Cinesite.

Well done to all of them! It’s great to see them do so well in the industry! If you’d like further information on any of our courses, drop me an email, I’d love to hear from you.

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Miles Pettit
Wed 25 Jan 2012: 8:46am

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  • Martyn Drake:

    There is still a major gap in the number of girls working in R&D (coding), systems engineering and other non-creative roles within the VFX industry, which is a bit of a shame :(

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