Let’s all go to the Zoo!

Let’s all go to the Zoo!

Or maybe the Zoo will come to Escape Studios instead…       

So, are we all rested, refreshed and raring to go after our long weekend? Or is our body clock at sixes and sevens with itself, wondering what on earth we’re playing at giving it an extra lie in, lulling it into a false sense of security only to be rudely awoken by the piercing shrill of the alarm clock at 6am? Well, judging by the shell-shocked faces arriving in the office this morning it would appear to be the latter!

Still, better to get an extra day off work and spend the short week re-adjusting than nothing at all, plus it will be the weekend again before we know it! But, before we get there, we have a very exciting day ahead of us tomorrow. It’s our fortnightly Open Day and this week we are proud to welcome Blue Zoo co-founder, Tom Box as our guest speaker.

The day will kick off at 10am with Tom sharing some insights in to what it takes to set up a successful independent animation studio in the west end, followed by a quick break with those all-important yummy pastries, then on to a tour around the studios to see our Tutors in action and finally a presentation and Q&A session from our Training Team.

I’m pleased to say that these Open Days are proving to be very popular and were getting lots of positive feedback from people who have attended so far, in particular from the 3D College Denmark guys who were here a few weeks back. In fact, they were so impressed they even sent over one of their cool jackets as a sign of their appreciation…

Fits perfectly by the way Jacob, thanks!

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