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Leo Sierra

NAME: Leo Sierra

COMPANY: Catmandú/100 Bares, as Stereo Digital Compositor on an animated movie by Oscar winning director, Juan Jose Campanella.

COURSE STUDIED: Compositing for Visual Effects (Online)

FAVOURITE MOVIE ONE LINER: Definitely has to be… “Say hello to my little friend.” from Scarface

WHY VFX: Because my life is surrounded by things related to VFX, I consider myself a bit of a Geek; I love video games, animated TV series and sci-fi movies. Since I discovered 3D Animation and Digital Compositing, watching films like Star Wars or Terminator changed my career path, and made me decide “I want to be part of that”, I wanted to be one of those amazing artists who create breath taking images and effects. Now I'm beginning my path As digital compositor and I'm super happy to be living my dream.

PROJECTS: My favourite project thus far, is definitely the project I'm working on currently, "Foosball" ("Metegol" in Spanish). It's the first time that I’ve worked on a feature animation Film, it’s really quite amazing to work with so many talented artists and be a part of such a big project. At the end of the day it’s so rewarding to look back and see all that you've done, but much more exciting is being able to look ahead at the prospect of great things that are yet to be discovered.

ADVICE: I think that the best advice is: Study, be passionate and love what you do! You’re going to have to face lots and lots of challenges, (every day!) but it’s up to you to find the answers. Nowadays it’s really easy get information about any topic; there are amazing schools with talented teachers (Escape is proof of that). Read a lot too, there are many books with plenty of information available. Watch lots of movies, short films, videos and play videogames (something I find, is the best source of inspiration) and finally, ask other artists for their opinions, there are amazing people out there who are more than happy to share their knowledge.

To conclude, all you need is love for your work, and the desire to be prepared, I assure you that with time and effort you will see progress!