Lee's App Of The Week: Zombies and Trains

Lee's App Of The Week: Zombies and Trains

OK I know I talk a lot about zombies and these days the topic of a zombie apocalypse is fairly meh BUT how could I ignore an app called Zombies And Trains?! This is the latest game app from Norwegian based Dragonhead Games and it is a corker!

Essentially you're presented with wave after wave of zombies which, of course, you need to kill. Rather than using the classic weaponry - crossbow, guns, hatchet etc, you're going to use FREIGHT TRAINS. Yes people, you're using trains to smash up zombies. Now do you see why I'm so excited about this game app?? Each area on your screen has several tracks running across it and with just one tap of your finger you can send a freight train hurtling down the tracks, pulverising any flesh-eating-undead that happen to be in its path.

There are four game modes – Arcade, in which a prize of brains lies in the centre of the area that you must prevent the zombies from reaching; Wave, which pits you against waves of zombies; Crossing, where you must survive for a minute without zombies getting over the line and Slaughter, in which you have one minute to turn as many zombies as possible into mash. Wave is by far my favourite as the ferocity and speed of the waves unleashes my inner Michonne. Heck yeah, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a spot of slaughter after a tough day at the office.

Overall its a simple game but it's a well done game, the graphics and sounds are pretty awesome and the addictiveness is ridiculous. Zombies and Trains is a fast-paced and frantic game as you're forced to keep up with the zombie demolition but the game is equally quite satisfying as with each herd you smultch comes a sense of heroic greatness...or is that just me? If you liked The Walking Dead: Assault or Zombies vs Plants this is a game for you.

And yes I'm going to get my zombie "interest" checked out...

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