Lee's App of the week: The Walking Dead: Assault

Lee's App of the week: The Walking Dead: Assault

I officially love The Walking Dead but hate the long breaks in between series (can I get an Amen to it's return this month!) so thankfully Skybound - the same company that publishes TWD comics - has produced a top-notch game app to see us through those tough times and give us our zombie slaughtering fixes.

TWD: Assault allows you to control and upgrade a party of up to 4 of your favourite heroes all from the comics with the simple objective of kill the zombies. Each character has an attack radius based on what weapon they wield, e.g. Shane has his short-range shot-gun and Andrea has a long-range rifle etc - when any zombie wanders into range, each character will automatically begin firing away. As well as weaponry you can utilise the characters' unique abilities to fight their way through the undead herd while completing bonus objectives and challenges to unlock exclusive content from TWD including wallpapers and behind-the-scenes trivia and new characters.

The interface is visually awesomely cartoony with the classic "splat" and "kapow!" and it even embraces the comic's grey-scale colour scheme. There is a lot of attention to detail in this game - each level is referred to as an issue, the same as you'd expect from the actual printed story. The top-down tactical perspective allows you to watch all of your characters' movements and keep an eye on the blood-thirsty Walkers. The movement system is simple - double tapping moves a single character while tapping and holding moves your entire party, easy enough to remember during a panic-stricken attack situation.

The only downside to TWD: Assault is it's a tad repetitive and within each issue the scene often plays out the same way. However for short hops on the tube - this game is perfect for pops of entertainment - keeping those zombie carnage urges at bay...

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