Lee's App Of The Week: Real Bokeh

Lee's App Of The Week: Real Bokeh

I love me some bokeh and I've been searching for a super simple bokeh app that lets me jazz up my pics with the click of button. Finally my search is over, for I have discovered Real Bokeh. Available on the iPhone and Android

For those not in the know, Bokeh (pronounced boh-kay) is the blurring or out-of-focus areas of an image. The most popular bokeh is the blurred colourful shapes which can be layered over an image to make them appear softer, whimsical and just darn pretty! Science spiel over let's get back to the app. Real Bokeh allows you to add all sorts of creative bokeh effects to your photos and images just by touch. This app not only allows you to draw multiple bokehs but also you can apply multiple bokeh shapes to one pic - changing the size, colour and opacity of each! Real Bokeh has 16 beautiful bokeh shapes to choose from and 28 colours in the bokeh colour picker so you can bokeh everything and anything as much or as little as you want!

So what would one do with such a pretty picture once bokeh-isation is complete? Share it of course! You can share your jazzed up designs on the usual Twitter-book-gram-ickr and many more so fear not, bragging rights is a prime feature of this funky app!

The app's hands-on approach is a real plus point as it really allows you to position the bokeh exactly where you want them; giving you a perfectly customised and magical image. So if you're a budding photographer or you just love a bit of colourful blurring on your pics, download Real Bokeh NOW.

P.s. That absolute gem of an image above is indeed my own creation. Haters gonna hate.

Android: £1.25

iPhone: £0.69

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