Lee's App Of The Week: Plants Vs Zombies

Lee's App Of The Week: Plants Vs Zombies

Y'all know I've got a zombie "issue". I've actually developed a theory regarding the outcome of a potential zombie invasion since I unfortunately live quite close to a hospital (a well-known breeding ground for the suburban undead, see episode 1, season 1 of The Walking Dead) which means my fortress would be hit by the first intense wave of walkers to roll out across the nation. I've obviously begun acquiring the usual zombie defence equipment; cross bow, machete and so forth, but it turns out the only thing I really need is...PLANTS.

That's right folks, Plants Vs Zombies is a rather tongue-in-cheek strategy game where you must defend your home against the invading zombies with an army of mutated flora. Casual gaming has taken over the industry, and particularly the App Store, by force. Popcap Games is at the epicenter of it all, with several notable games including Bejeweled 2, Peggle, and now Plants vs. Zombies--being stand-outs on the iPhone. This game is HUGE and has a massive following - for very good reasons of course! It's unlike any other defence game you've ever played - mainly because it's made up of plants...but also because this game makes you think strategically before positioning your plants - once they're down that's it, no moving them afterwards which means every decision you make has to be the right one.

Each level of the game starts by showing you the area on which you can plant as well as the rotting flesh-eaters waiting to attack you. In the early stages of the game you're eased in with instructions on the best types of plants to build first, i.e Sunflowers because they produce sunshine, which in turn helps your plants grow. As you progress through the game the levels get harder, you acquire more species of plants, each with their own distinct abilities, and you have to really think about which ones will defeat the onslaught of zombies. As you unlock more plant varieties, the zombies also begin to vary in size and prowess and ultimately only certain plants can defeat certain zombies. The game keeps you interested by adding unexpected twists and turns such as changing the battleground location from your front garden to the roof. You'll also need to defend your home at night - in which case you'll need to grow mushrooms - obviously! Basically variety is key in this game.

Visually the graphics are pretty awesome and the characters have quirky and unique designs which altogether gives a very polished and smooth gaming experience. The sound effects are spot on and the soundtrack is ridiculously addictive and totally hum-worthy and really ties the whole game together.

Obviously there isn't a huge storyline here - your HQ gets attacked by zombies and you've got to keep them at bay or risk getting eaten, simples! However the addition of an odd friendship with Crazy Dave the neighbour and the insane letters the zombies send you will keep you smiling throughout this bloodthirsty but rather cheeky game.

Plants Vs Zombies is perfect if you're a fan of strategy defence games and it's complexity and ever changing dynamics keep you coming back for more zombie killing action.

iPhone £1.99
Android £2.27

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