Lee's App Of The Week: Jurassic Park Builder

Lee's App Of The Week: Jurassic Park Builder

Normally I come bearing apps of technical brilliance, photographic immensity and all-round-smarty-pants-show-off material. This week however, I bring you JURASSIC PARK BUILDER. That's right people, you heard me right the first time, JURASSIC PARK BUILDER. Where all of your T-Rex and Jeff Goldblum dreams can come true.

Jurassic Park Builder is a kick-ass app combining elements of some of the best builder games with super realistic graphics and sounds that give you a well-polished gaming adventure. The main objective is to hatch dinosaurs in your own personal Jurassic Park. You'll earn cash from Dino enclosures and other park buildings which can then be used to upgrade and create new ones. Stumbling upon amber allows you to unlock dinosaurs into your market place - 30 fearsome species to discover...GENIUS! You'll need to feed your dinosaurs to make them grow and give you more earnings and for this you'll need to cultivate special crops as each dinosaur feeds differently - d'uh! The app also features some cheesy but loveable cameos from the original film's characters, like Dr Alan Grant, who'll set you tasks to earn more moolah for your park expansion.

Visually Jurassic Park Builder is one giant piece of Awesome. Backgrounds are lush, colourful and busy and the Dinosaurs are detailed and realistic. One of the best things about Jurassic Park Builder is the incredible range of sound effects for each and every dinosaur - you will literally feel like you've been dumped in the forest as every chirp, rustle and squawk has been artfully captured.

The coolness doesn't stop there, no-sirey. Like most builder games, Jurassic Park Builder allows you to get your social-bragging-fix on and visit other players' parks, meanwhile posting your every move on the Twitter-Book.

Jurassic Park Builder is basically just amazeballs. You'll find yourself checking your watch to time your next dino feed and plotting new ways to expand your ever profitable park. Checking-in regularly is a must and is the only way to quickly grow your park - along with optional in-app purchases, of course! The only minor niggle I have is time - dinos take time to hatch, forests take an age to clear and you'll have to wait for food to be shipped in. The return however is you'll constantly be building a huge park, raking in the cash and you pretty much can't lose! You don't need to be a business whiz to play along with this app - and even though it does lack the ever-catchy John Williams theme music - its Dinosaurs...Dinosaurs, people.

Free on iPhone and Android too - get in!

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