Learning with augmented reality, the future?

Learning with augmented reality, the future?

If you didn’t already know, we’re big fans of technology in education, when these two fields are spliced together in a truly ground breaking way, we can’t resist a blog post about it!

In an age where technology is becoming increasingly easier to use, we see children growing into lifestyles that in some shape or form, incorporate the use of tablets and Smartphones; it’s fairly evident that younger generations are becoming more adaptable when it comes to new tech.

This piece of technology is exactly what we all wish we had back in GCSE geography. Combining an old standby – the sandpit, with some killer ‘Kinect’ tech and an overhead projector, this tool allows children (and Adults, don’t worry) to create an augmented reality terrain that alters as you build/dig/scrape at the sand.

The colour projection onto the sand changes according to the topographical code of a map, and get this, you can even make rain pour onto the map and it reacts as it would had water actually fallen on this area of land, Oliver Kreylos, one of the lead researchers on the project comments…

“There’s just no better way to teach how topographic contour lines work, or how water flows over a landscape, than building whatever terrain you can imagine, and then seeing the contours and the water react in real time to any changes you make.”

To see it in action, check the video above!

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