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There are a lot of people in the CG industry who have an interest in the "wizardry" of coding: from automating repetitive tasks via scripts, to pushing the boundaries of the software packages through the API layer, to smoothing out company pipelines by hooking up software that did not originally understand the other software's lingo.

Lots of time and effort is put into research and development, and rightly so, for in order to stay ahead of the game you constantly need to improve and push yourself.

Some weeks ago our Training Manager Miles, made me aware of a list of learning resources for coding, published on DNeg's website. It's an interesting list of resources that contains general coding resources as well as specific ones for the CG industry. There are some "playful" programming languages in the list all the way down to more "grown up" industry-used languages like PHP and Python.

Diving into specific programming languages is very exciting, but having the ability to flesh out a program, in "pseudo-code" (or: non-language specific scribbles or words), is paramount. Once you're able to break a problem down into little steps, then you'll be able to apply programming language-specific knowledge, to come up with a coded solution for the issue.

It doesn't matter what material you build the house with, as long as you understand the fact that you don't start with the roof first! Just compare it to animation: whether applying the principles of animation into 2D, stop motion or 3D, the most important thing that will show through your work is the understanding of the basic animation principles.

If terms like inheritance, open-source and code repositories make your heart beat faster, do leave us some feedback!

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David Joos
Tue 28 Feb 2012: 12:00pm

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  • Joel Mitchell:

    Thanks for the post, I'm looking to pick up some coding skills to compliment what I'm learning in the VFX course. This is a great starting point. Cheers.

  • Ant:

    so many coding languages so little time...

    I love the fact that Maya and other 3D packages allow you to see behind the curtain, this makes it so much easier to make sense of what's happening, and also to find out where it goes wrong.

  • Toby Young:

    Thanks Ricardo, David is pleased he is not the only one - I'm sure there are many more but are too shy to comment, geeks of the world unite! : )

  • Mark Lee:

    The thought of coding used to bore me. Now the more I learn about CG the more I become interested in what's happening under the hood. Maybe when I finish the VFX course I can find time to fit some coding. Thanks for the post and link to resources.

  • Ricardo viana:

    Yes python makes my heart beat faster.

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