Laura Macfadyen

NAME: Laura Macfadyen

COMPANY: Framestore

COURSE STUDIED: Compositing for VFX Evening Course

FAVOURITE MOVIE ONE LINER: Ace Ventura Pet Detective. Ace: If I'm not back in five minutes... just wait longer.


(I have work on my latest showreel that I cannot show until the films are out! I’ll be adding my latest work to my vimeo channel later on this year!)

WHAT WAS THE BEST THING ABOUT STUDYING AT ESCAPE STUDIOS?  The availability of staff to help with advice, as well as being able to arrange using the facilities around lessons.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE VFX AS A CAREER PATH? Because I wanted to have a fun job that would make me smile, a job that I could be creative in. While it can sometimes mean long hours at a computer, and demanding deadlines, there is a hell of a lot of reward to it too.

ADVICE FOR THOSE CONSIDERING ENTERING THE INDUSTRY? Make sure you have direction in what you want to do, and find out what softwares you will need to practise! I used to find online DMP challenges, archived ones that I could have a go at at my own pace. Then post your work in forums or on LinkedIn pages, learn from peoples critique and feedback and continue to push your skills, and you will get noticed!