Launched: Softimage Creatives Are Go!

Launched: Softimage Creatives Are Go!

The Softimage Creatives launch event went ahead on May 29th as planned, and it was nothing short of amazing. There was an incredible turn out of XSI enthusiasts, which confirms to us all that the community of users is still very much alive. Over 150 people squeezed into Jerusalem Bar on Rathbone Place to celebrate the launch of the London Softimage user group, and among those were visitors who travelled from Ireland and the continent. It’s this dedication to the cause that will undoubtedly help make the independent Softimage user group a real success, and I’m sure it has proved to the SiC founders that their efforts have not been in vain.

The atmosphere was truly electric, and for many who attended, they were met by familiar faces and reunited with old colleagues. Aside from the very fun social aspect, there was also some essential career development happening as people networked and shared their knowledge of Softimage. The event was attended by students, teachers, artists, and company directors alike, sparking what we hope will become improved communication and support between the industry and education. Sponsored by Autodesk, HP and Eizo, the crowd were treated to some free drinks, food, 27" beautifully calibrated monitors and powerful HP workstations during the demonstations.

And of course there was a great line up of presenters on the night, all of whom should be congratulated on doing an amazing job. With such lively conversation in the room, let’s just say it wasn’t easy to be heard. Showing off their work and offering user tips based on years of experience, they really were central to drawing such an impressive crowd. Unfortunately Mario and Rick from Passion were unable to show their BBC Olympic spot due to their air date being pushed back.

As well as that, the guys from Chaos Group travelled all the way from Bulgaria to present the recent updates to V-Ray for Softimage. In response to such a great event, Chaos Group and Escape Studios are offering a 20% discount on V-Ray for Softimage. This is exclusive to anyone who attended the event on May 29th, so please have your event registration confirmations available to prove your eligibility when you contact us

As well as that, Chaos Group are celebrating 10 years of V-Ray and are offering a V-Ray for Maya and V-Ray for Softimage bundle discount between now and July 13th, 2012. This offer will be extended until July 27th, 2012 for SiC user group attendees only. For more information on this and the 30% discount available, please contact our software team.

Of course if you missed this event, you can rest assured that this was just the beginning. No doubt there will be many more events to come, and it’s up to you all to get involved, showing your support so that this user group can continue to grow from strength to strength. Get in touch with the guys via the SiC website, facebook or twitter, to keep up to date with all SiC related news. Also, make sure you check out some of the photos from the night - you may spot some familiar faces!

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