Latest VFX Reel from Our Students

Latest VFX Reel from Our Students

The quality of work that our students create during their Visual Effects Production course is always awesome and there's no doubt it's getting better and better. When you consider that every student doesn't just attend their daytime lessons. They have to find, track, model, light, texture, render and composite a shot in just 6 weeks that shows the extent of their ability. One of our former students and now Studio Assistant Ashley Miles remembers how stressful it can get.

"13 hour days in the studio, subconsciously competing with fellow students and always hoping you to impress your tutor! Now I'm working as a Studio Assistant, I get to help the students and really enjoy that. Sitting in their critique last Friday, it was clear the students were stressing over nothing. The quality and imagination of the shots produced was outstanding. I felt a mixture of pride and apprehension that afternoon; while I was excited to see everyone's work, it was sad to think I'd be saying goodbye to my first batch of students! However, if these shots are anything to go by, I'm sure they will all be employed full time in Soho within a few weeks!".

If you would like to come in and take a look around our studios or have a chat with me about what it's like to study on one of our courses, then drop me an email. In the meantime, sit back, relax and enjoy the video!

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