Latest VFX Graduate Showreels

Latest VFX Graduate Showreels

Check out some of the latest work from the VFX Course that's just finished.  The work is really imaginative and demonstrates real technical ability - all pretty cool considereing they were here for just 12 weeks.  If you're interested in VFX now is the time to get in touch so you can take advantage of our early bird discount.


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Isabelle Duarte
Fri 28 May 2010: 10:50am

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  • Joe Kelly:

    Hi Jorge

    These students studied full-time for the duration of 12 weeks, and most of them with no previous CG experience. The courses are aimed to take you from beginner to advanced level and these shots are a good example of that.

    The course involves a great deal of teaching as well as projects, so this work would have taken 5 weeks of afternoons and spare time. However, students are also learning the processes of the pipeline as they go, so we don’t expect everyone to have completely polished project work at the end. In many cases, students will go away and work on more shots in conjunction with the Escape training and recruitment teams to get the best showreel possible.

  • Joe Kelly:

    Hi Kranthi

    I'm glad to hear you like the reel!

    We're very pleased with the level of work the VFX guys are producing and can’t wait to see their completed showreels soon.

    They used Maya for general 3D work, Photoshop for texturing, Boujou and PFTrack to camera track their shots, and finally Shake to composite. If you would like to see a list of the software used, and details of exactly what the Visual Effects course covers, please visit the course webpage and download the course outline pdf from the Related Resources section.

  • Jorge:

    How long were they in school in order to learn enough to be able to produce such elaborate pieces of work and how long (average) did the projects take to be completed? Thanks!

  • kranthi:

    its realy a awesome work and so impressive ,what are the soft wares used for this reel

  • Alvaro martinez:

    Cool! I didn't know you put my project in the showreel!

  • Joe Kelly:

    Hi Heather

    Thanks for your positive comments on the work, and regarding the exclusion of sound.

    In fact, there are two good reasons for no sound. Firstly, our training is purely in the area of visual effects, so we don't teach any sound production or editing and therefore most of our student’s clips don't include any form of sound.

    Secondly, it's good to refer to one of our earlier blog posts where Jordi Bares, Head of 3D at The Mill, discusses showreel 'do's and don’ts'. He mentions showreel music in point three:

    3) No music is better than good music

    If you have found a piece of music that is truly exceptional or original and you can bet your money nobody else has used it before, then put the music in. If not, it is safer not to put any music at all. Think about the person that is watching hundreds or thousands of reels every month, they should remember you for the right reasons, i.e your work.

    That said, for the purpose of general viewing I agree that a piece of music would be a nice accompaniment, so next time we'll try to include something original if we can.

  • Heather:

    They're beautiful pieces of work - very impressive!

    But uh, no sound? At all? Does wreck it a bit.

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