L.A. Noire in 7 Years!

L.A. Noire in 7 Years!

So how long does it take to make a console game? Of course it varies from project to project but Team Bondi are no strangers to long haul development.

Brendan McNamara, who had been the former Director of Development for Sony Computer Entertainment’s Team Soho Studio, co-founded Team Bondi in 2003. I recall meeting with Brendan back in the early development of The Getaway, when I was working for Alias. I also clearly recall him slamming me because Maya was buggy. Fair point really, the file referencing system was killing the project, but I digress.

With The Getaway taking around 5 years to develop, how on earth did the team manage 7 years of L.A Noire development without issues?

The answer is they didn't. This report tells a story of massive staff turn-over, publisher changes and wikileaks style tweeting from digruntled employees. Well worth a read!

Seven years to make a game. I suspect I would personally prefer the Angry Birds approach. Seven months development and a touted profit of 50 Million Euros. I'm liking the shorter dev cycle. Six years 5 months on Bondi beach sounds a whole lot better to me! iPhone game idea anyone? 

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