Krazy for IKinema

Krazy for IKinema

IKinema has been the go to plug-in for Autodesk Maya when it comes to creature and model animation especially after their performance on smash hit films like Wrath of the Titans and X-Men: First Class. With the release of IKinema Action 2 in April there was a bit of a buzz around the newest features included in the latest version (check out my previous blog for more details!)

And if you still aren’t sold on IKinema Action 2 then 3D World Magazine with the help of Gary Marshall, senior motion capture TD at Framestore, produced a very thorough run down and review. It is an indepth analysis of IKinema and all its capabilities. It's a pretty interesting read, so for the full 3D World Magazine article see here.

For more details on IKinema, check out the Escape Studios techstore.

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