Konami announce plans for Metal Gear Solid Movie

Konami announce plans for Metal Gear Solid Movie

If you, like me, were the owner of a PS1 back in the late 90’s, (or as we called it back then, simply ‘the Playstation’) there’s quite a high chance you would have owned stealth action game ‘Metal Gear Solid’, the successor to Konami’s MSX2 tactical action espionage game, ‘Metal Gear’, which this week celebrated its 25th anniversary.

At the anniversary meeting, Konami announced some very exciting plans, in the form of a Metal Gear Solid movie, to be made in collusion with Columbia pictures.

It’s all very exciting for the Metal Gear generation, but details of Snake's planned escapades are at this early stage, few.

Rest assured we’ll keep you lovely lot posted, as soon as we hear of some more news on the topic!

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