Kettling, the new video game...

Sometime, I just come across stories that make me laugh out loud. This one is just one of them.

As we hear endless debate about the controversial kettling of students during their protest in London, BoingBoing released a very funny story about a supposed new game called "Kettling". According to them, you just "Manage protestors by detaining them en-masse in this puzzle game! If you mess everything up, bring in your horses (i.e. reset the level) with the space bar". 

On a serious note, as I watch news reports of the latest student protest in London today, BoingBoing may need to revise this "game". Looks like the students are giving the Met Police a serious run for their money and actually outwitting them. It not only shows the level of disquiet in our young people about the hike in tuition fees but also how clever, organised and resourceful this new generation can be. You would have thought that by now governments would know that it is a dangerous game to under estimate students.

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Isabelle Duarte
Tue 30 Nov 2010: 2:22pm

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