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Kathy Tsola

NAME: Kathy Tsola

COMPANY: Time-Slice Films / Freelance Junior VFX Artist / 3D Generalist

COURSE STUDIED: 3D For Visual Effects (Online)

FAVOURITE MOVIE ONE LINER: As I was recently trying to encourage my younger sister to watch some of my favourite films (what she considers a ‘golden oldie’), I must say Pulp Fiction: “Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead!”

THE COURSE: The Online 3D for VFX course was great. Everything was explained to the last detail and it was perfectly structured. Every week we received detailed feedback from our tutor and I loved the fact that we were able to see all our classmates’ feedback as well! It definitely answered questions that might not have been answered without this feature. In addition whatever our question or problem, it was immediately answered or resolved. It gave me the ability to combine work and study at the same time whilst never feeling I was losing out from physically attending a classroom course.

WHY VFX: I’ve had a geeky love for movies, animation and computer games since I was six, so I decided to study for a job where I could work on what I love! Before the course I was in Greece where I was creating panoramic video content for an audio-visual and events company, organising and running a range of company projects.

A little later down the road I began to pursue my life-long dream of working in the VFX industry. I found Escape Studios were offering online courses, so I decided to have a chat with them to find out more about the Mentored Visual Effects Course. I instantly decided to enrol and combined it with working in Greece.

PROJECTS: Since the course I’ve moved to London, working on and off for Time-Slice Films which has been really fun. They work on a range of international film and broadcast projects, so there’s never a dull moment. Check out Time-Slice's demo-reel here

ADVICE: To anyone thinking of studying VFX I would definitely say you have to love it. It’s a very competitive field where you have to continuously stay on top of your game. In my opinion you definitely have to be able to balance the creative with the technical side and be a bit of a computer geek!


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