Just Another Comic Book Hero Movie? Maybe Not...

Just Another Comic Book Hero Movie? Maybe Not...

Ok, so there I was, happy in my comfort zone, knowing that the Green Lantern could never be a great movie and that nothing could ever live up to the comic book.

And then, I came across this link... I hadn't planned on actually liking it, but I reckon I a film fest coming up. I am officially blown away by it - this just looks awesome! Warner Brothers admitted that the first trailer was a bit rubbish but this one is great.

This is my personal geek heaven as I am still an avid comic book fan, and have been so since the age of 12. I know some of my colleagues don't agree with me, but for what it's worth, I'm really enjoying the comic book heroes movie revival. What with Captain America as well, this is me in film heaven. And with most of the effects work being done primarily in the UK - by Double Negative - it is sure to look good...

And then, there's also Thor coming up. I thought that, again, we would see some B grade movie but I have been happily surprised and the update looks really good.

With all these comic book hero movie revivals looking great, my only disappointment was with the portrayal of Galactus in Rise of the Silver Surfer - a bit of a cloud... Hum, come on!

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Tue 12 Apr 2011: 8:18am

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