Junior Artists - Keep that VFX Shot Simple

A common misconception amongst Junior Artists when preparing their first reel is that they have to come up with some overly elaborate and complex VFX shot to wow future employees. These usually feature exotic spaceships, massive explosions and weapons of mass destruction. It doesn't have to be like that. So, what makes a good CG shot? I had a chat with our Training Development Director and Maya Guru Lee Danskin to find out.

Lee has one simple message and that is: "Keep it simple". I couldn't agree more. Some of the best junior reels I have seen over the years are simple shots that are well tracked and feature everyday objects that have been modelled to a photo-realistic level and contain good examples of modelling, texturing and lighting. They are composited well into the shot and are seamlessly tracked, which are the skills that Post Production facilities are looking for in Junior VFX artists. Remember, the best CG shots are the ones where you have to ask yourself where the CG is.
We'd love to take a look at some of your reels. If you're a junior artist or freelancer and think you have all of the above skills and are looking for a job, then drop me a line here.

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