Join The MARI Massive

Join The MARI Massive

Are you a MARI user or have an interest in MARI, then you may be keen to know that a group of artists are getting together on November 24th in London, Soho for a few beers. The venue is currently top sectret but will be released soon.

Mingle and network with fellow MARI users over a drink. There are a few special gifts up for grabs too.

I've also heard that some of the MARI engineers should be attending, which is a great opportunity to ask those all important questions! Should be quite a geek fest.

For more information on this MARI gathering and a confirmation on venue, make sure to follow the MARI Massive on twitter. I’ll make sure to confirm the venue for the 24th November over the Escape Studios blog as soon as it has been released.  

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Tim Flett
Mon 31 Oct 2011: 3:00pm

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