• John Shelley

John Shelley

ZBrush Foundation online

How did you find out about Escape?

I found out about the course because I am a member of CG Society and jumped on board soon after I read about the studio opening in NYC.

Why did you decide to purchase the online ZBrush course rather than buying a standard DVD?

I have purchased DVD's in the past and find they sit around and soon become out of date with the speed of updates in software technologies. Online learning with live responses and the opportunity for updates to the courseware is much more appealing to me.

Did you find it easy to navigate the system?

Absolutely love the system. The interface and overall look is cool and makes complete logical sense. The video content is very well paced and split into nice modules for easy navigation. The video streaming works very well, even with Australia's poor internet speed! If Escape released an advanced ZBrush course I would purchase it tomorrow. I am extremely happy with course and Escape in general. The course has taught me the basics of ZBrush, it’s been fantastic and has met all my needs so far.

Would you recommend to a friend or would you contribute positively to ZBrush forums about the courseware?

Have already suggested to a few friends to check it out! Would definitely contribute positively... the whole process has been pain free and can't be more pleased!