John Gresko

NAME: John Gresko

COMPANY: Double Negative

COURSE STUDIED: 3D for Visual Effects (Full Time)


FAVOURITE MOVIE ONE LINER: 'Open the pod bay doors please Hal' - 2001 A Space Odyssey

WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY WORKING ON? I am coincidentally working on the film I'm most looking forward to seeing this year, I can't disclose which one just yet, but I can tell you that I count myself very lucky!

WERE YOU ALWAYS WORKING IN THE VFX INDUSTRY OR IS THIS A NEW CAREER PATH FOR YOU? I worked in Architecture and concept design for 7 years before deciding to chase the dream and work in the VFX industry.  After completing the 3D for VFX course at Escape, I worked there as a 3D Studio Assistant for 8 months while finishing my reel, then started working for Double Negative. It has now been 3 months and it's awesome!

WHAT WAS THE BEST THING ABOUT STUDYING AT ESCAPE STUDIOS? What drew me to Escape was the benefit of having assistance when problems arise.  Learning at home is fine but when you get stuck it can be frustrating and time consuming when finding solutions.  At Escape, all the help you could ever need is right there in the classroom. What I enjoyed most was the atmosphere in the studios and being around talented and creative people. Seeing what students thought up and realised was inspiring!   

ADVICE FOR THOSE CONSIDERING ENTERING THE INDUSTRY? Be ready to work very hard, as competition for jobs is fierce and the standard is high. When studying (wherever it may be) take as many notes as possible because there is simply so much to learn.