January Free Tutorial: How to Animate a Bird Flap (Part 2)

January Free Tutorial: How to Animate a Bird Flap (Part 2)

For those of you who logged into my November Free Tutorial entitled Animate a Bird and Make it Fly, you'll remember that I promised to deliver a second part to it. This tutorial uses a pre-created rig, which you can buy here and explores the mechanics of bird locomotion. It costs just $5 and trust me, it’s worth it. If you'd like a re-cap of what was in part 1, you can find all the details here.

In part two of this tutorial, I look at the the mechanics of bird locomotion in greater detail. The video shows you how to take a simple avian flap cycle and put it in a believable environment. You'll also learn how to add personality and character while still retaining a simple workflow. Adjusting the flight path to make it realistic and convincing means that you'll have to create a motion path and learn to attach the bird to the motion path. Finally once you've added simple textures and lighting I'll show you how to create a batch render and produce a final demo-reel ready piece of animation.

How to Access the Tutorial
Have you registered for our free tutorials before? If so, you can go straight in, and access the tutorial here - the system will ask you to sign in though. If not, just register on our site and then access the tutorial here.

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  • Isabelle Duarte:

    Hi Steve,

    Really glad you liked it :-) Why don't you share with use the work that you created. You can either post a link here, of just post it on our Facebook page.


  • Steve Kerry:

    I'm surprised nobody has commented on this yet. I found this tutorial very helpful, it isn't restricted to one particular software package and the model it uses has a price tag of $5. How can you go wrong? After watching this, I applied the same method to the Millennium Dragon from Daz and it worked fine. More like this, please!

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