James Dower


FAVOURITE YOUTUBE CLIP: Man Gobbles at Turkeys, Turkeys Gobble Back

PROJECTS: “If I told you I’d have to kill you”… but seriously, I can’t actually say its top secret at the moment.

WHY VFX? : “I saw a presentation from Dneg a few years back while I was studying; I was blown away, and thought “that’s what I want to do for a living””

ABOUT: James finished a VFX Professional course at Escape Studios just a few months ago, and after helping out at industry events and The VFX Festival as well as perfecting that all-important showreel he’s landed a job as a runner at Soho based post production giants, Framestore.

James’ Top Tips

ADVICE:  1) Don’t rush your showreel. It can be really tempting to get it uploaded as soon as you finish your course, but if you aren’t happy with the work on there, it’s going to work against you. Get a second opinion from someone who knows what they’re talking about, not just a friend!

2) Get a LinkedIn account if you haven’t already. It’s great to have an easily accessible list of your education, experience and skills on show, and it’s very useful in finding out what companies are recruiting and when.

3) Network as much as you can. There are quite a few events and expos for VFX out there. Meeting those already in the industry as well as aspiring artists like yourself is really helpful - you never know who might be working at a company you’re applying for in a few years’ time!   

James' Showreel