James Dower & Class Visit Double Negative

James Dower & Class Visit Double Negative

After a previous visit to Double Negative, James Dower and his class mates really got a taste for the high standard of work that DNeg set.  And on this, their second visit, they were all keen to get some professional feedback for their own VFX Production projects.

It can be pretty daunting showing your work on the big screen in DNeg’s in-house cinema, but we were all eager to get feedback from the pros. Each of us were given a generous amount of time for feedback on our 6 week projects, and we all left with some very helpful advice in getting our projects ready for our showreels!”

Following the initial feedback on the their VFX projects, the group were given a very helpful talk by one of DNeg’s recruiters, Alice Tuxford. Alice described what it’s like to work at DNeg and how important it is to be friendly, approachable and a team player. Alice also discussed just how important it is to have a good covering letter, CV, and most importantly a reel with breakdowns. 

We were also given some really awesome information on applying to the company, whether it’s for a runner or a junior position, such as a Matchmover. After hearing what it’s like to work for the company, even as a runner, we all left feeling very inspired and excited to get our showreels done. That being said, I was definitely off to the pub for one last drink with my fellow classmates before most of us parted ways.

This class trip to Double Negative is all part of the industry coaching scheme, a programme initiated this year for our classroom courses. It’s just another element of how we hope to prepare our students for what is to come in the demanding world of VFX.

I’ve really enjoyed the course here at Escape. In an industry that’s so competitive, it’s important to be able to get your name known and get accurate feedback from industry professionals, and thanks to Escape that has been possible for all of us!”

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